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  • Conical | Definition of Conical at Dictionary

    Conical definition, having the form of, resembling, or pertaining to a cone. See more.

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  • The Conical-Shaped, Staged Laser Ablation Technique in the ...

    The disadvantage of the conical-shaped staged laser abla-tion is that it could be bothersome for patients because of the staged fashion and it requires more techniques, com-pared to conventional cylinder shaped laser ablation. In conclusion, the use of the conical-shaped, staged laser ablation technique is useful in the management of a me-

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    The conical shape allows relatively low stray capacitance from the high frequency end of the coil to degrade performance. Stray capacitance is a serious problem with high frequency chokes, as it reduces the self resonant frequency. There are basically two areas where stray capacitance is found.

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  • Conical shaped charges (Book, 1947) [WorldCat]

    Note: Citations are based on reference standards. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

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  • Cone (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Conical Asian hat, a simple style of straw hat originating in East and Southeast Asia; Ice cream cone, an edible container in which ice cream is served, shaped like an inverted cone open at its top; Snow cone, a dessert usually made of crushed or shaved ice, flavored .

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  • Frustrum of a Cone

    intersection point (#1 on drawing) and the two corners of the cone (#2 and #3 on the drawing) 5. Measure the length of one of the intersection lines from the intersection point (#1 on drawing) to the bottom corner of your cone (#3 on drawing). In this example, the length is .

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  • Conical | Definition of Conical by ... - Merriam-Webster

    Recent Examples of conical from the Web. Rather, judging by the deformation of the conical, rifled bullet, the slug went in at an angle, embedding itself sideways in the man's upper femur and precipitating a nasty longitudinal fracture down the bone's length. Other headgear in the mix included conical clown .

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  • Moissanite Pear Cut V Shaped Gold Ring - Jeulia Jewelry

    Buy Moissanite Pear Cut V Shaped Gold Ring online. Jeulia offers premium quality jewelry at affordable price, shop now! I found this beautiful item - Moissanite Pear Cut V Shaped Gold Ring from Jeulia, they offer premium quality jewelry at affordable price.

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  • Making labels for a real life cone shaped container ...

    Making labels for a real life cone shaped container. The shape you describe is called a frustum. You may want to search the net for frustum, flatten or flattening frustum. Cone flattening could work also, subtracting one part of the cone from the whole. An overlap can be created by increasing the arc-angle.

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  • Conic section | geometry | Britannica

    Conic section, in geometry, any curve produced by the intersection of a plane and a right circular cone. Depending on the angle of the plane relative to the cone, the intersection is a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, or a parabola. Special (degenerate) cases of intersection occur when the plane

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  • conical - Wiktionary

    Jul 13, 2019 · Shaped like a cone. 1624, Edmund Gunter, chapter XIII, in The Description and Vse of the Sector ‎ [1], London: Williã Jones, page 149: IN Planes neither equinoctiall nor polar, the equator will be a right line, the tropiques and other parallels of declination will be conicall ſections, ſome of them parabolicall, ſome ellipticall, but the moſt of them hyperbolicall.

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  • Cone Pattern Template Generator - Metric

    Enter Top Width, Bottom Width and Height of the cone (see diagram) and hit Calculate to draw a full scale printable pattern template to mark out the cone. To mark holes or lines around the cone, check Holes or Lines and enter number of Incremetns.Enter hole Slant Height up slanting edge of the cone and Hole Diameter and hit Draw. See Volume Calibration Templates to mark fluid volumes on cone.

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  • Falcon 15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes - Test Tubes, Vials ...

    Falcon™ 15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes. Tested to withstand centrifugation of 12,000 RCF (polypropylene) or 1,800 RCF (polystyrene) in a fully supported rotor with room temperature water. Corning™ Falcon™ 15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes are ideal for cell centrifugation; pelleting; separation by density gradients. $272.25 - $290.75.

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  • Chapter 4: ElectroMagnetic Actuator Basics

    Chapter 4: ElectroMagnetic Actuator Basics Conical The following section describes the conical shape actuator. Refer to the diagram and graph below. As in the flat face armature, the magnetic field in the conical armature still flows perpendicular from one .

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  • Cone - Wikipedia

    A cone is a three-dimensional geometric shape that tapers smoothly from a flat base (frequently, though not necessarily, circular) to a point called the apex or vertex. A cone is formed by a set of line segments, half-lines, or lines connecting a common point, the apex, to all of the points on a base that is in a plane that does not contain the apex.

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  • Cone Shape - Calculator Soup

    The term "circular" clarifies this shape as a pyramid with a circular cross section. The term "right" means that the vertex of the cone is centered above the base. Using the term "cone" by itself often commonly means a right circular cone. * Units: Note that units are shown for .

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  • Cones, Conical Shapes & Tapers Spun - Fabricor Products

    The conical shape is the hardest shape to form and one of the easiest ones by metal spinning. The small end of the tool is a fixed size but the vertical height can be shortened or lengthened to a particular diameter depending on the tool. The small end can be cut away at most any point also to make a tapered cylinder from a spun cone.

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  • How to Calculate the Volume of a Cone (with Examples ...

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    Mar 29, 2019 · How to Calculate the Volume of a Cone. You can calculate the volume of a cone easily once you know its height and radius and can plug those measurements into the formula for finding the volume of a cone. The formula .

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    • Design and Fabrication of Conical Shaped Solar Water ...

      conical shaped solar energy absorber has been developed and the system efficiency is determined. Solar water heater has been designed in a conical shape in order to utilize maximum amount of solar energy available and convert it into heat energy for the purpose of .

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    • CreateCone - Unify Community Wiki

      Description. This editor script creates a cone with the specified tessellation (=number of vertices), top radius, bottom radius, and length. With top radius == bottom radius, the result is a cylinder. With none of the radii == 0, the result is a truncated cone. So far the resulting cone has no end caps, but you can create caps on your own by using...

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    • Spinning Cone

      An object shaped like a cone is said to be conical. A Cone is a Rotated Triangle. A cone can be made by rotating a triangle! The triangle is a right-angled triangle, and it gets rotated around one of its two short sides. The side it rotates around is the axis of the cone.

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    • EXTRA GUARD Cone Shaped Conical Air Filter CA8039 | FRAM

      Product Description. A clean air filter can lead to improved air flow and prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine. A clean air filter helps keep damaging particles from entering your engine and .

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    • Conical shaped charge liner of depleted uranium - WILSON ...

      Apr 10, 1984 · 1. A shaped charge Blasting Device comprising a cylindrical charge of detonating explosive, a cavity disposed in one end of said charge, said cavity being in the shape of a cone, and a metal liner disposed in said cavity, said liner comprising depleted uranium.