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  • Concrete Etching: Acid Wash or Grinding in Prep for ...

    Rinse the acid wash (don't use a pressure washer – it can drive the acid into the slab). Rinse two to three times with water. This will deactivate the acid (and this also .

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  • 93 Best Acid Wash Concrete images in 2019 | Concrete ...

    Acid Wash Concrete Acid Stained Concrete Floors Cement Stain Painted Concrete Floors Floor Stain Painting Concrete Stamped Concrete Concrete Design Patio Tiles A beautiful blending of black acid stain worked into a lighter brown stain, using the wet-on-wet method.

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  • Best 25+ Acid wash concrete ideas on Pinterest | Stained ...

    Find and save ideas about Acid wash concrete on Pinterest. See more ideas about Stained concrete flooring, Stain concrete and Acid stained concrete.

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  • How to Acid Stain Concrete Floors • The Prairie Homestead

    Jan 03, 2017 · The topic of acid staining concrete floors strays a little from my usual subject-matter and seems slightly more suited for a home renovation blog. But I decided to go for it anyway, as I figured a) I have a ton of very thrifty, very handy readers who love frugal, DIY stuff, and b) I honestly just ...

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  • How to Acid Stain Concrete (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Mar 28, 2019 · Mix the acid stain. The acid stain mixture contains strong chemicals and fumes, so be sure to mix the stain somewhere outside, or in an area that has adequate ventilation. Pour the mixed acid stain into a plastic pump. Usually a two-gallon pump is sufficient, but be sure that it .

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  • Professional Grade Concrete Acid Stain Products | Direct ...

    STEP 1: DRAIN & CLEAN With a main drain in the pool and a port valve on the filter,... STEP 2: POUR THE ACID Add equal parts acid or Acid Magic to water in a flower watering can... STEP 3: NEUTRALIZE After the acid wash, the bottom of the pool will .

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  • Muriatic acid as a concrete cleaner and etch - Finishing

    Muriatic acid as a concrete cleaner and etch. It is sometimes used to remove mortar from brick, or grout from ceramic tile too. Hopefully you'll be wearing at least goggles [linked by editor to product info at Amazon] and protective gloves [linked by editor to product info at Amazon], and you're talking about an outside driveway or sidewalk.

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  • Professional Grade Concrete Acid Stain Products | Direct ...

    Direct Colors Concrete Acid Stains are available in 10 standard colors (see Color Chart) As a translucent product, the overall effects of the stain system leave an element of unpredictability as to the final appearance and effects of the applied stain.

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  • How Do You Use Muriatic Acid to Clean Concrete ...

    Muriatic acid is a strong acid cleaner used on masonry surfaces to clean stains. With proper use, it removes stains when other cleaners fail. If the acid comes in contact with skin, wash it away with large amounts of water. Wear proper protection. Muriatic acid is highly corrosive.

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  • How to Neutralize Concrete Acid Stain - Concrete Camouflage

    The reason for washing the residue is to neutralize the acid. So long as you properly neutralize and rinse the concrete well a couple of times, it should be fine. Note: If you do not properly neutralize the stain, then the sealer will lose it's bond, which will then have to be stripped and re-applied.

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  • How To Acid Washing Concrete (see steps below) - YouTube

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    Aug 11, 2012 · Steps. 1, wet the concrete with water. 2, mix Hydrochloric acid with water. 10 parts water to 1 part Acid. 3, Put on a... A quick demo on Acid washing concrete.

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    • How to acid stain a painted to sealed concrete floor?

      Apply the polymer modified concrete overlay, Pentimento at 1/8 inch thick. It is a retrowelable concrete overlay.which gives a very smooth concrete finish. After 24 hours of the curing or polymer concrete overlay, it is ready to take acid stains (chemical stains). Spray the acid stain, Patinaetch at the rate of 250ft 2 /gal. Allow it to react ...

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    • How to Clean Concrete - Bob Vila

      Muriatic acid can work wonders on filthy concrete (and it can also be very useful in cleaning excess smears of dried mortar and grout, or when attempting to alleviate tough rust stains).

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    • Artist Grade Concrete Acid Stain in 23 colors - Concrete ...

      Concrete Acid Stain Beautifies Concrete. Reacting with the minerals already present in the concrete and that were randomly dispersed when it was poured and finished, highs, lows, dark and lights, mottling and marbling is a natural effect of the process. It is not a topical .

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    • How to Acid Wash a Concrete Patio | Hunker

      Acid washing etches the upper layer of cement, exposing more of the sand in the concrete mixture and making the surface feel rougher. Acid washing also removes stubborn stains. Home improvement stores sell several acids for concrete etching: citric, sulfamic, phosphoric or muriatic. Choose the safest that will get the job done.

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    • How Long to Wait After Pouring a Concrete Slab Before Acid ...

      Hi John, You should allow the concrete to cure thoroughly before staining or finishing, to allow any excess water in the slab to evaporate. The instructions with most acid stains (as well as concrete sealers and coatings) say to wait at least 28 days after pouring a slab before finishing it, with some recommending as long as 60 days.

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    • How to Apply an Acid-Stain Look to Concrete ... - DIY Network

      Acid stains were used commonly in the past, but they are not environmentally safe. They have been almost entirely replaced by dyes. These dyes are mixed with a carrier, such as an alcohol and sprayed onto concrete. It's topped with a water-based sealer to create the mottled look, accentuating the unique characteristics of the concrete.

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      • How to acid wash an inground concrete pool

        An acid wash is the purposeful stripping of a thin layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath. Therefore, it is ill advised to make it an annual custom, which will accelerate the need for re-plastering.

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      • Acid wash concrete. Acid stain old concrete. General ...

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        Nov 15, 2016 · This concrete is a couple years old and was originally grey with a broom finish. This process can be done with old concrete or new concrete after it has cured for a ...

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        • Cleaning Cement off Masonry With Muriatic Acid - The Spruce

          Well, it will seem magical, anyway, to someone who has struggled for years with the messiness of cement. It is called muriatic acid. It will clean cement off stone without damaging the stone (if used properly), even after it has dried. But a word of caution is in order, first. Muriatic acid is a handy cleaning option, but it is also dangerous.

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        • How to Clean an Older Concrete Slab Before Applying Acid ...

          How to Acid Wash Cement Step 1—Clean the Cement. Before you get started, it is important to do a light cleaning first. Step 2—Protect Yourself. Before getting started, make sure that you put your protective gear on. Step 3—Apply the Acid. Once the cement is clean, you can apply the acid to it. ...

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        • Exposed Aggregate - Three Ways to Expose Aggregate in ...

          Once the concrete has been placed, the decorative aggregate is ready to be revealed. There are several exposure methods contractors can choose from, depending on the look desired and size of the project. Only the top of the stone is exposed while the rest remains permanently embedded in the concrete.

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        • Pressure Washing Tips for Concrete Driveways - SealGreen

          Spring cleaning means exterior as well as interior. Now is the time to be cleaning up broken branches, cleaning out flower beds, getting your lawnmower ready for the year, and pressure washing you concrete.

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        • How to Clean an Older Concrete Slab Before Applying Acid ...

          The main thing is to NOT use any kind of acid wash or etching solution (including muriatic acid) to clean the slab. The stain will not take at all if you use acid as a cleaner. A solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate) and a lot of elbow grease with a scrub brush would be your best bet.

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        • How to Acid Stain Concrete - DIY Pete

          How to Acid Stain Concrete Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies. Pressure Washer and Hose Scrub Brush, Broom, Concrete Degreaser (If needed) 1 or 2 Pump Sprayers – Optional spray bottle for highlight color Acid stain from a concrete supplier or you can easily order it online by clicking here. $45/gallon

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        • How to Neutralize Concrete Acid Stain - Concrete Camouflage

          The reason for washing the residue is to neutralize the acid. So long as you properly neutralize and rinse the concrete well a couple of times, it should be fine. Note: If you do not properly neutralize the stain, then the sealer will lose it's bond, which will then have to be stripped and re-applied.

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        • Klean-Strip 1 gal. Green Muriatic Acid-GKGM75006 - The ...

          Eco-Etch 1001 is a safe powerful non- acid-based Eco-Etch 1001 is a safe powerful non- acid-based cleaner specifically formulated to clean brighten and etch concrete. In addition to removing excess concrete build up from tools and concrete equipment it will also remove mortar from bricks and tools.

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          • Concrete Stain Colors for Cement - Surecrete Products

            Concrete Acid Stain Color Chart. Acid concrete stain color below were achieved with Surecrete's Sure-Stain, a semi transparent colored acid stain interior concrete and exterior. If you are looking to stain your cement with natural earth tones with a low residue, Sure-Stain could be the right choice for you.

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          • Acid Staining Concrete Floors vs. LastiSeal Concrete Stain

            Concrete acid stain is a waterborne solution of metallic salts and acid. The acid opens up the surface by "eating away" particles of cement paste. The metallic salts then react with hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) in concrete to form insoluble colored compounds. Acid stains contain corrosive components that attack concrete and they can cause eye or skin irritation and produce strong odors. Personal .

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          • How to Remove a Concrete Sealer - Concrete Sealer Reviews

            Next, you have to neutralize the acid before washing down the concrete surface for a final time. The acid etching process will remove the old concrete sealer completely from the concrete slab. In its place will stand a fresh slab of concrete ready for a new application of concrete sealer. Once the concrete has been acid etched, you need to let the slab dry completely before applying the new sealer.

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